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I am a upbeat, fun, goal oriented, Allied Health recruiter for TotalMed Staffing out of Appleton, WI. My main focus is: honesty, open communication and to ensure you are taken care of to the best of my ability.

Call/text/email me anytime, day or night, weekdays or weekends, I will always make myself available to ensure your needs are met.


TotalMed Staffing

Appleton, WI

In the fast-paced, highly competitive industry that is healthcare, you need a partner who works for and with you. At TotalMed, we’re a team who really cares. Our goal is to give gold standard customer care by enhancing the recruiter - traveler partnership with a high level of integrity and fun while supporting the experience you want to have throughout your travel career.

Our recruiters can help you evaluate the best healthcare jobs offered nationwide by uncovering your ideal career path and providing as much information as possible to assist in making the best decision for you in a no pressure atmosphere.

We care like no other so that you can care like no other.


What the TotalMed experience can offer you:

  • Top paying contracts
  • 24x7 concierge one-on-one service to meet your needs
  • Long or short term contracts available nationwide
  • Top 10 agency per recent traveler surveys

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Come experience the “Care like no other” difference!


by Cydney W

Radiology Tech

My experience working with Kayla has been fantastic! I've only been on one assignment so far, but it was a wonderful way to start, and Kayla was in contact with me every step of the way. I look forward to working with her more!!

by E. Linda Cushner


I have been a Traveler on and off for many years. I have worked with many recruiters but I cannot say enough about Kayla. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Medical Technology Field. She is familiar with the all the states that require a license and also very informed about all the different departments in the Laboratory. Her understanding, professionalism and compassion are so refreshing. I enjoy talking with her as not only my recruiter but also my friend.


by Georgia Karel

Radiology tech

My very first travel experience I can say has been an overall success and Kayla has been a big part of that. She is a positive personality and very sweet.

by Nena White

Medical Technologist/AAB-BOR

Kayla Peebles has been great to work with. She is very patient and has a positive attitude!
Great working with her!

by Winnie Mundell


I have been a Traveler for the past 6 years and I have never worked with any recruiter as wonderful and helpful as Kayla....she is awesome! She's with you step by step all the way and there is never a bad time for her to guide you as you go through this sometimes very daunting process. She is also a very positive person and her disposition is sure contagious.
She is definitely without question, the best out there!!!
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