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About Therapy Staff, LLC

National Therapy Staffing Firm that provides contract placements to Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists. 


November 04, 2019

by Valerie Denise

Speech-Language Pathologist

When searching for and obtaining a travel position, it is imperative that one has a recruiter who is available for the recruit throughout the assignment. Tempra Fields has demonstrated her commitment to "be there" as issues arise. Many thanks to Tempra for helping me navigate through this process. Tempra's patience and support make a huge difference.

August 27, 2019

by Richard Vana


I just can't say enough good things about Tempra Fields and how so very lucky to have her help me become a traveling therapist!!! From day one she made me feel very comfortable and has guided me though the process with her professionalism...knowledge....but also caring and kindness....and is there for me with any question and concern I have!! I trust her completely to be in my corner as I take the leap to traveling therapist...can't wait!!!

June 22, 2019

by Elizabeth Dahl

Speech Therapist

Tempra Fields is outstanding. Her professionalism, dedication, caring, determination, customer service, and integrity continue to impress me. Whenever I have a question or a follow up, she is always ready and right there to provide feedback and to recommend what would be best for me throughout my job searches. I highly recommend your working and collaborating with her so she will successfully assist you in finding the next and right job in your career.

March 31, 2019

by George Papashvili


It has been fascinating, adventures and great learning five year journey working as a traveler with Kaelynn Russell. Kaelynn's dedication, perseverance and sense of responsibility towards her work made those five years that fulfilling for me. Kaelynn, you are a great asset to Therapy Staff. I thank you.

March 04, 2019

by Carolyn Atwood


I can’t say enough positive things about Lauren who has assisted me trying to locate a good COTA/L position for me! She has been so attentive and also very compassionate when I had to attend a funeral out of state. Another company was not like she was and I really respect that. I appreciate the updates and very kind demeanor. Lauren is the absolute best recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of knowing to help me find a job. Although I found local employment she still checked in with me. I love that! Thank you Lauren for everything and this company is extremely lucky to have you!
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Therapy Staff, LLC

13915 N. Mopac Expressway
Suite 200
Austin, TX 78728


Guaranteed Hours: Yes
3 Words to Describe your Competitive Advantage: Jobs, pay, service

Insurance Benefits

Health Insurance Provided: Yes
Professional Liability Insurance: Yes
Coverage Between Assignments: Yes

Financial Benefits

Licensing Reimbursement: Yes
CEU Reimbursement: Yes
Retirement Plan: Yes
Flexible Payment Options: Yes
Pay for Physical Exams: Yes
Pay for Drug Testing: Yes

Housing/Travel Benefits

Housing Provided: Yes
Housing Stipend: Yes
Flexible Housing or Furniture Options: Yes
Cover Travel Expenses to the Assignment: Yes