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Physical Therapist

Hello, I had a terrible experience with this company RELENTLESSLY contacting me when I did not reach out to them for their services. They stated they received my contact information from a friend who mentioned me as a referral (bogus information) and that they can not remove me from their system. Do no work with this company. They are dishonest and scamming people. Any true/good company would have a way to remove contact from people who do not wish to be contacted. TERRIBLE COMPANY.


Speech Pathologist

I had a very unpleasant encounter with one of the Nealy Pierce recruiters. He was incredibly unprofessional. My impression of this company is that they are not about the people and finding a good fit for therapists and facilities - but rather about the bonus. I would not trust them.

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6100 Preston Road, Suite 240
Frisco, TX 75034


Benefits Offered

Health Insurance Provided: No
First Day Health Insurance: No
Liability Insurance: No
Licensing Reimbursement: No
Housing Provided: No
Housing Stipend: No
Flexible Housing or Furniture Options: No
Reimbursement for CEUs: No
Retirement Options: No
Flexible Payment Options: No
Rental Car or Stipend: No
Pay for Physical Exams: No
Pay for Drug Testing: No
Coverage Between Assignments: No
Guaranteed Hours: No
Travel Expenses: No
JCAHO Certified: No