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March 08, 2023

by McKenzie Kain

MRI Technologist

I would recommend Lindsay over and over again. She worked SO hard to find me a job that fit what I wanted and helped answer any questions I had being a new traveler. You can’t go wrong with CrossMed!

February 21, 2023

by Brittney Watson

CrossMed gave me the best experience!

I have been working with CrossMed for almost 4 months now and I will say my experience has been absolutely amazing. My Recruiter Reva B, has made my first traveling experience one I’ll never forget. Anytime I talk to other travelers or even in house staff and they ask about the company I travel with. I tell them about CrossMed and how much Reva has been a huge help and stress reliever. She has been absolutely the biggest help since I’ve started this process. I will always recommend both her and CrossMed to anyone looking to start up with traveling nursing. Reva is so good about listening to your concerns and wishes then making sure to find you places that will be a great fit for you. When I first started we talked on the phone and she got to know me as well as I got to know her. She wanted to make sure she got me placed somewhere I would excel. She always makes sure to check in with me every few days to see how I’m doing, how’s work and if I need absolutely anything. She doesn’t treat this as a simply 9-5 job, she treats it like a lifestyle and has so much passion for it. Anyone who has her as their recruiter is and will be lucky. I can’t wait for all the fun and exciting adventures I’ll get to go on because of CrossMed.

February 21, 2023

by Emily Ratchford

Reva B - telling all my travel friends about her!

I have had such an amazing experience so far with CrossMed. Reva B. was introduced to me by another traveler who loves her. After my first phone call with her I knew she was a perfect fit for me. She makes sure I always know all my options, in every scenario and always makes sure I’m fully comfortable with my decisions. Comparing her to another company I have traveled for, I was astounded when I heard Reva would GLADLY take a phone call from me on a Saturday. She doesn’t feel like a boss or a co-worker. She is a friend who genuinely cares about my happiness with my job and out-of-work life. I am so blessed to have stumbled upon her.

February 21, 2023

by Robb Sherman

Incredible people, Incredible customer service, Incredible place to call home!!!

What a incredible company to work for, Been with them for quite a few years now and its been a wonderful and exciting journey!! Its a place that makes one feel like they really are a part of something special. FIrst class service from finding you a contract to when the contract end. ALWAYS working on putting YOUR needs first, not there's. Reva my recruiter is the rock star of CrossMed, Every day she amazes me with something as simple as a text asking about my day. This isn't a company that will place you in a contract then forget you until its time to find the next one. Taking care of YOU is there top priority!!! I have had the wonderful experience of being able to visit there main office twice now and you feel like Norm on Cheers when you walk in the door!!!! They know you by name and greet with a warm smile and handshake (coffee is pretty good also) You can tell how much each and everyone of the people there really do enjoy what they do which in turn reflects on the outstanding service that they provide to there Nursing staff. I could go on and on and on about everything wonderful that CrossMed is, but I wont, Ill end with this. Incredible people, Incredible customer service, Incredible place to call home!!!

February 21, 2023

by Regina


Reva is the best! She goes above and beyond for me as her traveler! She makes the entire process pain free! I recommend her to everyone looking for a recruiter!
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