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1 year ago
I am currently in school for surgical technology. Are there any travel medical staffing companies that work with certified surg techs that do not have any experience other than clinical cases? I would love to travel before I settle down!
Elle Q
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2 answers
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Holly Fenn
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Hi Elle Q, The travel industry for the most part requires 2 years of experience. I would say get a good year and a half of experience in a hospital OR and get trained on as many different cases as you can. The goal for you is to not get pigeon holed into only plastics or only L&D. The best cases to be trained in for a traveler is Ortho, Neuro, Vascular cases and be well rounded and able to do many types of other cases also. Don't be afraid to go a little further from home to be able to get your first full time job and you'll have a year and a half of experience in NO time!
Kristina Mercado
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Hi Elle Q, Unfortunately, You will need 2 years of experience before Staffing Agencies would be able to present you to their clients. I wish you the best of luck on your search!