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Tooele, UT
estimated $23 to $78 per hour
Start: ASAP

Travel SLP - $23 to $78 per hour in Tooele, UT - $!Living in Tooele, Utah offers a unique blend of qualities that make it a great place to call home, which sets it apart from many other places. The reasons why it's better than anywhere else can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, Tooele boasts a stunning natural landscape that enchants residents and visitors alike. Nestled against the Oquirrh Mountains and situated near the Great Salt Lake, the area offers an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. Residents can easily access hiking trails, biking paths, and camping sites, providing a deep connection with nature right at their doorstep. Tooele is also known for its strong sense of community and a small-town atmosphere. The people here are friendly and welcoming, making it easy to build meaningful connections and create lasting friendships. The local schools are often praised for their commitment to education, and there's a genuine sense of pride in the community's achievements. One of the most compelling aspects of living in Tooele is the cost of living. It is notably lower than in many urban areas, which means residents can enjoy a higher quality of life with less financial stress. The real estate market is also more affordable, allowing families to own homes with spacious yards and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. In addition, Tooele offers easy access to the amenities and job opportunities of nearby Salt Lake City. Commuting is convenient, and residents can take advantage of the city's cultural attractions, shopping centers, and professional opportunities while returning to the tranquility of Tooele at the end of the day. In summary, living in Tooele, Utah is an exceptional experience due to its breathtaking natural surroundings, strong sense of community, affordability, and the perfect balance it strikes between a serene small-town life and easy access to the conveniences of a larger city. These factors collectively make Tooele a wonderful place to live, fostering a lifestyle that is indeed hard to find anywhere else. * School Assignment! * In Person Opportunity * 2024*2025 School Year * Open to Teams * Will pay for and process your State License! * We provide complimentary housing and travel * We arrange and cover costs for licensing and malpractice * We simplify the credentialing and privileging process * We provide first-day medical insurance and 401(K) * Your personal recruiter handles every detail, 24/7 Provider compensation offers are based on skill level, experience, and qualifications. Compensation may also be impacted by the critical nature of the need and vary by assignment. In addition to taxable hourly wage, providers may qualify to receive non-taxable daily lodging, meals, and incidental per diems not to exceed published General Services Administration (GSA) guidelines. Please speak with a recruiter for additional details and benefits.