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Fort Wayne, IN

Travel Pharmacist in Fort Wayne, IN

Start: 12/18/2023
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Pharmacist travel Pharmacy needed in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Job Summary:

  • This position is a Pharmacist, working with physicians, care managers, and other clinical staff, as part of a medical care team focusing on patient outcomes, while maintaining cost.
  • The Clinical Pharmacist provides patients and providers with therapeutic assessments and selected disease management, for assigned practices, working toward improving patient and practice outcomes.

Essential Functions:

  • Assist provider as needed to meet Cynet Health and Client and meaningful use guidelines.
  • Provide clinical pharmacy input during the preparation of interdisciplinary care plans for patients
  • Assist in the selection of the most cost effective, evidence-based regimen for a particular patient; monitor patients for appropriate lab and other recommended follow-up
  • Serve as a drug information resource for the providers and support staff
  • Monitor patient response to treatment, drug/drug and drug/disease interactions, assess medications prescribed at dosages higher that approved by the FDA for specific indications
  • Provide highly specialized education and training support to other professional services in the broad area of advanced pharmacotherapy, with emphasis on chronic disease states
  • Utilizes existing computer resources to maximize retrieval of clinical information for monitoring and review of the medication use process
  • Coordinate/participate in activities related to improving outcomes for targeted disease management initiatives leading to improved health (such as COPD, Asthma, CHF, and Diabetes).
  • Identify patient/family gaps in knowledge of diagnosis and or treatment and development interventions with patient/family input to mitigate gaps.
  • Manage patients with recent decrease in functional status.
  • Coordinate and support pharmacy initiatives, such as Over the Counter (OTC) Standing
  • Orders, Preferred Drug List (PDL), MD Easy, and electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) efforts, as outlines by the CCNC program office.
  • Assists physicians in creating and managing the drug regimens of patients with chronic disease states (e.g. diabetes, asthma, CHF, ect.). This may include, but shall not be limited to, activities such as meeting with patients, adjusting medication dosages in concert with PCP, peak flow monitoring, and performing other services within the professional area of expertise
  • Perform medicine reconciliation assessments as requested by client physician and/or case managers to optimize the patient’s drug regimen
  • Serve as a resource to client physicians and case managers on general drug information and drug policy issues.

Physical Demands:

  • Physician practice with possible exposure to infectious/contagious disease and hazardous materials.
  • Environment is climate controlled with occasional exposure to inclement weather.
  • Must be able to work flexible hours.
  • Intensive machine concentration, such as use of computer and calculator.
  • Physical demands include: frequent movement throughout the medical community, periods of standing, sitting and walking; reaching and light lifting; finger dexterity; visual and auditory acuity within normal limits.

Knowledge, Skills and Other Requirements:

  • Must be proficient in electronic health records and various health care such as CMIS applications
  • Responsible for maintaining patient and family confidentiality in accordance with HIPPA
  • Ability to operate a personal computer and working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and database software applications.
  • Ability to work independently, exercising sound judgment, discretion and the initiative to facilitate change
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities and interpersonal, written, and verbal skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills, diplomacy, and professionalism.

Education and Experience:

  • Education and formal training with from an accredited College of Pharmacy, clinical pharmacy residency or equivalent experience and licensure
  • Minimum 2 years as a clinical pharmacist with involvement in formulary development, drug use evaluation, and quality assurance activities. Ambulatory Care experience preferred
  • Completion of a pharmacy practice or specialty residency (PGY1 or PGY2)
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities: Extensive knowledge of pharmacy and its related subdisciplines (therapeutics, pharmacology, physical pharmacy), formulary development, drug use review, quality assurance, legal, regulatory, and standards of practice
  • Good written and verbal communication; the ability to integrate healthcare team
  • Proficiency in using database information systems and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Ability to research and analyze the medical literature including drug information, disease states, and clinical practice guidelines

Required for Onboarding

  • BLS
  • CNOR
  • Core Competency
  • Dietician Nutritionist

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