Six of the Best Work From Home Healthcare Jobs

The healthcare industry is fast-paced and ever-changing but is still rarely considered when people think of “work from home” occupations. Yet, professionals in this field are no longer limited to working in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Instead, they have the freedom to travel or even work from the comfort of their own space. Such work from home healthcare jobs provide their workers with many benefits. For example, these workers enjoy flexible hours, comfortable work attire, and the satisfaction of little to no commute.

With a shortage of healthcare workers, the industry is relying more on remote help to take the pressure off of in-house staff. For those interested in working from home, there are a variety of different jobs. Here are the top six work from home healthcare jobs available now!

Six of the Best Work From Home Healthcare Jobs

work from home healthcare jobs

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1. Case Management Nurse

Case management nurses are those that work with a patient over the entire course of their treatment. The nurse will oversee the long-term care plan, work with other medical professionals, and develop deeper relationships with their patients. The overall goal of this job is to help patients through their medical process as the main point of contact. As one of the work from home healthcare jobs, case management nurses work with their patients online and over the telephone.

2. Clinical Research Associate

Medical device and pharmaceutical companies are always holding a plethora of clinical trials. These can range from new medications to new medical technology, but each trial will always need a clinical research associate, also known as a CRA. As a Clinical Research Associate, you will be expected to manage clinical trials on new products, medications, and procedures. CRAs also research to make sure that these new products are safe to distribute on the market.

The certifications for a CRA position can be easily done online, so what are you waiting for?

3. Medical Coder

Medical coders are a vital part of the healthcare industry. Behind the scenes of every hospital or doctor’s office, there are medical coders who are transforming information, such as the diagnosis, procedures, and services into the universal medical alphanumeric codes. These codes are found in medical records, physician’s notes, and lab results. This job directly impacts the income of the healthcare system because it provides documentation of diagnosis and solution.

At-home medical coders help the industry to guarantee high-quality care and patient satisfaction comfortably from their computers.

4. Medical Transcriptionist

Much like a medical coder, medical transcriptionists transform information into understandable formats. The transcriptionist will transcribe a physician’s notes and recordings to create reports and documents. They will also check information for grammatical errors and ensure that any medical terms in a patient’s record are used correctly. Medical transcriptionists will also need a deep understanding of medical terms, human anatomy, and healthcare products and procedures.

5. Nurse Educator

Experienced nurses that have a passion for teaching will find this work from home healthcare job to be rewarding, as they will be training the next wave of future nurses. Nurse educators can teach at universities, technical schools, or hospital-based nursing programs from their computers.  As a nurse educator, you would be combining your clinical skills with teaching. You will create lessons, oversee students’ clinical practice, and become a role model for proper behavior.

6. Pharmacist

Strange to consider, the world of pharmacy is also allowing its workers to deviate from the traditional and work from home. But how? These pharmacist jobs are not filling prescriptions from home as you may think, but instead include tasks such as offering consulting services to patients, helping people understand and use their prescriptions, and find available discounts. As an at-home pharmacist, you may also analyze new drugs and investigate fraud allegations within the pharmaceutical industry.

Is a work from home healthcare job for you?

Not everyone will find an at-home job to be for them. For those that do, work from home healthcare jobs hold plenty of benefits! But it is crucial to consider a few things before making the decision to switch to an at-home occupation. Here are five questions you should ask yourself before making the jump.

  1. Can you continue to work efficiently without the structure of an office setting or physical location?
  2. Can you stick to a schedule that you set for yourself?
  3. Do you have a good support system? (Working from home can be a little isolating sometimes.)
  4. Do you have reliable technology?
  5. Do you have a workspace that will allow you to let go of work when you are finished for the day?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then a work from home healthcare job is probably a good fit for you. And with the changing landscape of the healthcare industry, anything is possible!

What are some pros and cons of working from home that you can think of? Comment below!

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