Types of Clinical Social Worker Jobs

Throughout the world of medicine, many professionals aim to improve the lives of others. Allied health provides a wide range of possibilities, although one field with a unique impact is that of clinical social worker jobs. For many in this specialty, having a positive influence isn’t just a job description — it’s often a requirement! While avoiding sickness and getting treatment is crucial, advocating for patients’ social, cultural, and economic health go hand-in-hand. There are many types of clinical social worker jobs available and today we’ll explore some of the possibilities!

types of clinical social worker jobs

According to a recent report by CNN, social work careers ranked No. 4 out of 20. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 20 percent employment growth for social workers from now until 2020! To work in the many types of clinical social worker jobs available, a Master of Social Work degree (MSW) is required. There are of course additional certifications that open up more specialized options — namely for licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) who perform clinical work without supervision.

Five Types of Clinical Social Worker Jobs

1. Gerontology Social Workers

Given projections from the U.S. Administration on Aging, people age 65-plus are expected to represent 19 percent of the population by 2030. That means more people will need the services and advocacy of licensed clinical social workers than ever before! Professionals working with seniors help individuals to gain a better understanding of the mental and physical complications associated with aging. This information is coupled with overcoming the cultural, social, and institutional attitudes held in regard to growing older. Mainly, gerontological social workers employ social interventions, clinical interventions, and advocacy to help seniors improve their lives!

2. Mental Health Social Workers

Professionals in this field help individuals experiencing a range of mental, behavioral, and emotional problems or disorders. Although there are many other types of licensed clinical social worker jobs that work with similar patients, some focus primarily on mental health. The main duties of this job normally include assessing clients’ mental health and assisting in the diagnosing of mental disorders. Mental health social workers then develop treatment plans and assist in the management of a given mental disorder. These jobs are found in many settings such as hospitals, community health centers, and private practices.

3. School Social Workers

As one of the most popular types of clinical social worker jobs, school social work is another option. Typically, professionals in this field work for school districts or agencies that provide these services to schools. School social workers assist special needs children, foster children, and others having difficulties with transitioning to a public school setting. Professionals are trained to confront a variety of issues — especially abuse, drug use, hygiene, and other areas affecting a minor’s well-being.

4. Palliative Care Social Workers

So much of social work is spent helping people and their families to improve someone’s quality of life. This is especially true for palliative care social workers! Often working in hospices or even a patient’s own home, these licensed clinical social workers focus on end-of-life care. Usually, this is qualified by a patient having six months or less to live. This work can be very challenging, although the reward comes from helping families and individuals through this difficult time. For those who have a great capacity for empathy, communication skills, and medical acumen this is a solid career choice.

5. Research Social Workers

Although licensed clinical social workers often find themselves in medical settings, delving into research is another possibility! Many social workers begin their careers immersed in a particular specialty, then move on to management or program development roles. Pursuing a research position commonly includes attaining a doctoral degree in order to fully realize one’s career. Of the many types of clinical social worker jobs, these involve the greatest amount of exploration and paperwork. Still, working to assess and influence governmental, organizational, and administrative policies regarding social work is absolutely essential to the profession overall!

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