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Whether you’re a seasoned travel therapist or are interested in exploring the many benefits of travel therapy, it’s always recommended to refer to a “travel best practices handbook” before you dive in head first. Traveling, even for leisure, can be stressful as you are out of your comfort zone. We wanted to share a few tips to make adjusting to a new travel therapy job a little bit easier (courtesy of and shout out to,

1. Utilize a website such as to determine what you really need to pack based on where you are headed, what the weather will be like and how long you are staying. This will help ensure that you don’t over, or under, pack.

2. Learn how to maximize space when packing your car (if you are driving to your destination) so that you have a comfortable journey and have the things you need with you on the front seat or nearby.

3. During the course of a long cross country drive you may run across things that slow you down and are out of your control, so one of the first things you want to do is leave yourself plenty of time to actually make the drive. It is suggested to add 20-30% more time to the trip than you are expecting and plan on arriving 2-3 days early so that you have time to get acclimated. Talk to your recruiter about the earliest date you can move into your housing

4. When you have arrived, be sure to conduct a walk through the apartment and write down and photograph any pre-existing damages. You want to make sure to avoid paying damage fees when you move out for something that was there before you moved in. Call your housing coordinator with this list right away so they can communicate it to the landlord. Also, do a quick run through to ensure that your basic utilities are turned on and working properly.

Stay tuned for more tips and best practices!

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