Top Destinations for Travel Psychology Jobs

Don’t let your travel wish-list get longer and longer while you stand still. There’s no reason you have to put off seeing the United States. If you are a certified psychologist, your career as an allied health professional is the perfect set up for you to get paid and travel at the same time. So, here are the top destinations for travel psychology jobs in the country!

Five Top Destinations for Travel Psychology Jobs in the USA

1.     Washington

top destinations for travel psychology jobs Washington

Washington state is number one on the list of top destinations for travel psychology jobs. Most of the psych positions listed in Washington are for school psychologists, so you’ll need a special certification for that. However, the job opportunities stretch across this beautiful Pacific Northwest state. You can enjoy the art scene and delicious food in downtown Seattle, relax along the ocean or get your fill of outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and more in the mountains!

Travel Tip: If you want to see the most of Mount Rainier without having to hike or ski, there’s a five-hour drive that takes you in a circle around the mountain. You’ll see breathtaking views of the mountains, waterfalls and more on this adventure.

2.     California

If you like salty, ocean air, sand between your toes and being close to rolling mountain ranges, you’re in luck. Just like in Washington, most of the job listings for California psych positions need someone certified to work in a school. This is great because it’s daytime hours and no weekend work. That will leave you with plenty of time to enjoy the beaches, experience the magic of the Redwoods and take that famous road trip down the coastal highway.

Travel Tip: If you love art, be sure to visit the Mission District in downtown San Francisco. You’ll find several blocks of breathtaking murals in this district, which is notorious for live music, art, and an eclectic crowd.

top destinations for travel psychology jobs San Fran

3.     South Carolina

Stroll down the historic streets of Charleston or spend your time relaxing along the Atlantic Ocean. There’s plenty to see and do in this beautiful southern state, from history museum tours to swamp walks to beach bar hopping. You can work as a school psychologist in a larger city like Columbia or in a tiny town not far from the coast like Holly Hill, depending on your preference. Spend your weekends exploring the deep south!

Travel Tip: Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach is where most people travel to when they visit South Carolina, but a quiet island just off the coast called Edisto is where you’ll be able to truly experience southern culture in a slow-paced and relaxing atmosphere.

4.     Colorado

Reach for the Rocky Mountains. Settle in a mountain town like Loveland or take a school psych job in a city like Denver, just outside the Rockies. Either way, this state is best for those who are nature lovers and who enjoy outdoor sports and recreation. You’ll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country, and each little town you come across will have something unique to see and enjoy.

Travel Tip: Be sure to visit hot springs while you’re in Colorado. There are various natural springs across the state, which are essentially like soaking in a hot tub except you’re surrounded by natural beauty. Strawberry Park is a personal favorite.

5.     Arizona

top destinations for travel psychology AZ

Have your choice between deserts or mountains, and venture southwest. Not only will you be able to see American landmarks like the Grand Canyon, but this state will expose you to unique Native American art, food and culture. You’ll be in the heart of the west. There are plenty of small towns along the original Route 66 to choose from. Find school psych jobs in Arizona here.

Travel Tip: Travel east on Interstate 40 (the original Route 66) toward New Mexico. You’ll come across something called the Painted Desert, or Petrified Forest National Park. This breathtaking landscape is worth the road trip.

So, now you’ve learned about the top destinations for travel psychology jobs. Are you certified in psychology and ready to travel? Check out all available jobs and apply today!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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