Tips to Prepare for Your First Travel Therapy Assignment

Travel Therapist on the move

Make sure to prepare responsibly the first time in order to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible!

Your first assignment as a travel therapist may be an exciting venture, but it can also seem challenging and may result in some confusion about what to bring during the trip. Depending on the length of the assignment and the location, the list of things to bring may vary slightly; however, certain items are a necessary part of preparing for the position.

Look at Licensing Requirements

Before going on an assignment, learn about the state laws. The educational requirements and the appropriate license may vary between states, so it may be necessary to fill out appropriate state paperwork to get a license before the assignment begins.

Obtain any license, permit or educational requirements before going on assignment. Plan ahead and get the paperwork in order before leaving for the position. Many staffing agencies will walk you through these processes.

Pack Clothes for the Weather

Although the seasons are relatively similar in most states, the temperatures and the specific details of the weather at the time of the assignment may vary. For example, it may be very warm in Texas during the winter months, but it may be snowing in Illinois.

Look up the historical weather patterns for the area based on the time of year and then pack clothing that is appropriate for the temperature. Do not pack based on the current weather in a hometown unless the assignment has similar weather conditions.

Learn About the Facility

Take time for research before reaching the location. Learn about the facility, the type of work that takes place and the equipment that is available. Depending on the particular assignment, the details about how the facility works and the potential challenges that may arise can vary.

The amount of equipment, the type of therapy and the size of the facility may differ between assignments. Research can make it easier to determine what other items may be useful at the particular facility.

It is not enough to pack a bag with clothes during a travel therapy assignment. The paperwork that is required to take on an assignment may vary between states and the weather conditions are likely to differ. Fortunately, it is possible to prepare in advance so that it is possible to enjoy the adventure of working as a travel therapist.

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