The Jet Set Pet: Traveling with Furry Friends

The Jet Set Pet: Traveling with Furry Friends

More than 3 out of 5 Americans own a pet. All of our precious pooches and pussycats are our family. Personally, I couldn’t imagine a day where I can’t cuddle with my Shi Tzu after a long day at work. But, when considering making career changes that require you to relocate to a new city, state or even region causes a lot of misconceptions. Or the big myth that a lot of people fall for is that you can’t travel with pets. Well, let me tell you, that is absolute hogwash. In fact, travel therapy without your dog can end up being pretty ruff. Luckily, traveling with pets is a lot easier and a lot more common than you think. Below we’re going to take a look at bringing your furry friend on the road with you!

Traveling With Pets

Allied professionals are truly blessed. Every day you get to really make a difference in the life of another person and you have the option to take on a travel assignment to fill shortages in the healthcare anywhere you choose. But, many people are apprehensive about venturing off to a new place for a few months with their beloved pets. But, in fact, it can actually be a really beneficial thing instead of a heavy burden. Traveling with pets is a great way to not only have a friend at hand but a little piece of home as well while you’re on the go.

How to Bring Cats or Canines on an Allied Travel Assignment

Firstly, before you accept any position, talk to your recruiter about their housing’s pet policies. When it comes down to it, though, most traveling medical professionals housing opportunities allow for pets. All it may require is that you put down a pet deposit or a “pet rent.” Note: some places will only allow certain breeds of dogs so make sure you get verification that your pet has the O.K. to house with you there. Travel therapy with pets is great, but only if it’s allowed by the company you’re working for.

traveling with pets

You probably want to settle into your housing a few days earlier than your assignment begins so that you can properly get you and your pet all settled in. You may want to research where you can pick up any pet supplies locally, where you would be able to take your dog on walks and investigate local vet offices in the area.  It’s also important to be there for your pet when first settling in because your pet may not feel comfortable alone in a new place yet. Traveling with pets is great, but comfortability is going to go a long way in having a happy companion.

Make your temporary housing as pet-friendly as you can! If your cat sheds a lot, for example, throw some couch covers on. You’ll also want to give them plenty of toys so they’re occupied while you’re at work! If needed, you can even hire services that will come over and take them for a walk as well!

Why Bringing a Pet on Job Assignments is Beneficial

  • Pets are family, too. You wouldn’t abandon your child for your career, would you? (Well, I hope not.) So don’t abandon your pet.
  • Traveling alone can be lonely. Bringing a pet is a way to bring a part of home with you. Not to mention, a loyal companion to come home to every night.
  • Your pet will love it. Pets love seeing new sights, sounds and smells as much as we do. Spoil your pet with a chance to see the country!
  • Bringing your pet along on assignments make them way more exciting. Add fun to your travel.

The next time you consider a travel assignment, why not bring your best pal Mittens or Marmalade? Just make sure you’re ready to take on the responsibilities. It could be a purrfect therapy assignment. What are some of your tips for traveling with pets? Let us know in the comments below!

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