Study Suggests Taking Regular Vacations Improves Life

study shows vacations make americans have greater well-beings

Study Suggests Taking Regular Vacations Improves Life

Considering a travel healthcare career? It might just be the best way to improve your overall well-being.

It’s no secret that going on trips and vacations makes Americans happy, but now there’s an actual study that proves it. According to the study released by Gallup:

  • “Vacation frequency a better predictor of well-being than income”
  • “49% percent of Americans take regular trips or vacations”

The study suggests that the people who take trips often reported higher scores in regards to their social relationships financial security, physical health, and connection to community. The coolest part about the results? They were universal–income was not really a factor. It doesn’t really matter if Americans are wealthy enough to be able to engage in foreign travel or if they are taking more thrifty outings like a camping trip.

However, participants in the study that earned less than $24,00 were half as likely (33%) to get time off for leisure than the ones earning at least $120,000 annually. This is not really surprising information by any means. We all know traveling can be expensive and a lot of Americans with low-paying jobs don’t have the means or the ability to schedule off for vacations. Still though, of the participants (rich or poor) that did get to travel, they had a much more positive overall reflection about their own life.

taking vacations makes people happier


Interesting findings:

  • “A majority (57%) of Americans over age 65, compared with less than half of those aged 18-29 (47%), 30-44 (46%), and 45-64 (49%), make time for regular trips or vacations.”
  • “Married Americans (56%) are most likely to take vacations with friends and family, followed by widowers (47%), single folks (43%), and those with a domestic partner (43%). People who are divorced (37%) or separated (30%) are least likely to regularly take such trips.”
  • “Slightly less than half (47%) of Americans with children under age 18 in their households regularly make time for vacations or trips, a bit lower than the 51% found among those who don’t have children in their homes.”
  • “Asians (55%) and whites (52%) are most likely to agree that they regularly take vacations, while the figures are lower for blacks (44%) and Hispanics (42%).”

Being able to getaway for just a while can lead to good effects for the brain and emotional stability. The good vibes you get from going on vacations may just be the thing that can keep you feeling physically healthy, too! Some may say these findings may just mean that more naturally positive people are more inclined to travel (—but those people probably just haven’t gone on vacation in a while.) Personally, I think that being able to travel is just good for the soul.

The results came from a telephone interview that was conducted between January and November, 2014. There were 148,854 total Americans who participated.

Travel therapists are able to probably lead the most positive lives imaginable, considering these findings. Assignments are available all over the country and expenses are usually covered by agencies. Plus, they’re long enough to have a getaway and not too long that you commit to a certain place. What better industry to be in to have a great sense of well-being?!

Author: Allied Travel Careers

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