Six Foods That Could Be Hurting Your Joints

When a patient isn’t responding well to treatment, the issue could go beyond the skin and lie within their diet. Anyone can fall victim to joint pain, and in an environment where recovery is the goal, food and diet can sometimes go by the wayside.

As it turns out, there are a ton of foods that could be causing joint inflammation, which would hinder recovery time and have a serious impact on a patient’s hopes of recovery. With the help of researchers, we can now pinpoint a few foods that patients should only consume in moderation, especially if they want to alleviate joint pain.

6 Foods That Could Cause Joint Inflammation


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Found in tempting pastries, your morning coffee, and even fruit juice, hidden sugars are everywhere and can pose serious health risks. Processed sugars can trigger the release of inflammatory messengers that make your joints feel sore and tender. Make note to avoid anything that ends in “ose,” e.g. fructose.



This flavor enhancer commonly found in our favorite Asian food dishes may please our tastebuds, but our joints will be screaming. Also found in a number of fast food items, MSG can trigger chronic inflammation and even weaken your liver.

Omega 6:


This one might have you confused, but you’re probably thinking of your trusted omega-3s. Fatty acids found in oils such as corn, sunflower, grapeseed, soy, peanut, and mayonnaise can trigger the body to produce pro-inflammatory chemicals. While omega-6 acids are essential for growth and development (in moderation), they must be balanced with hearty omega-3s.

Saturated fats:


Some studies have show that consuming saturated fats can trigger fat tissue inflammation. This is not only a pre-indicator for heart disease, but it can also worsen arthritis inflammation. Some culprits include red meat, full-fat dairy products, and grain-based products.

Trans fat:


Not only can our bodies not fully process trans fat, but a 1990 Harvard health study concluded that trans fat triggers systemic inflammation. Trans fat can typically be found in greasy comfort foods, processed pastries, and other sweet cooking items such as frosting and mixes.

Refined carbs:


While there are a ton of flour products that we love (rolls, crackers, white rice, mashed potatoes, need I go on?), processed carbs may be the main cause of rising obesity rates. These high-glycemic index foods stimulate inflammation and can cause a lot of pain.

So, the next time a patient complains about joint pain, take a moment to analyze their diet so you can end joint pain in no time.

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