Requirements for Getting Involved in Travel Therapy

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Are you cut out for the exciting life of travel therapy?

Travel therapy is an exciting career with many wonderful opportunities. You can experience locations throughout the United States. Travel therapy assignments  offer qualified individuals a competitive wage, a unique way to gain experience in their field, and enough time to really explore and get accustomed to different parts of the country most will otherwise only visit on vacation.

Do you have the specialization recruiters are looking for?

Travel therapy covers a variety of specializations: occupational therapists, certified occupational therapist assistants, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, speech language pathologists and some other areas of therapy. If you don’t fall directly into one of these specializations, you should consult with a recruiter. There may still be a place for you.

Do you love traveling, exploring and seeing new sights?

As a travel therapist, you’ll be going all over the nation. You’ll spend around 13 weeks at every location, and this means you’ll need to be able acclimate quickly and well to new environments. You should be an independent go-getter who isn’t phased by change. If these things sound like you, travel therapy may be right for you.

Can you commit to the job for at least three months?

Most physical therapy assignments will cover a period of at least three months. You’ll need to be able to commit to being on the road for this time. You can also choose longer assignments if you desire, and there are even permanent positions available for those that find the perfect place to settle down. However, once your assignment is complete you no longer have to be committed: you can sign up for as many or as few assignments as you desire.

If you’re still wondering whether a career in travel therapy is right for you, consider discussing your goals with a recruiter or with the online community. Becoming a travel therapist is a big decision, but it could very well be the first step that you take to an incredibly rewarding career.

Author: Allied Travel Careers

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