Organizing A Temporary Home for Travel Therapists

The life of a travel therapist is full of adventure. You get to live in exciting new places while gaining valuable experience in your field. What could be better? Despite the benefits, travel therapy assignments are temporary. Being around for such a short amount of time can make organizing your living space pretty challenging. Check our easy tips for organizing a temporary home so that you can make the most of your next travel therapy experience!organizing a temporary home

What to Bring

Deciding what to bring on a travel assignment can be difficult. Remember that you are responsible for getting your belongings in and out of your space, so don’t overpack! Make sure you also research the weather patterns of your new location before you start packing. This will help you figure out what you should bring and what can stay home. Be sure to take note of your laundry situation, too. The activities you do on a daily basis and your accessibility to a washer and dryer can have a huge impact on what you should pack.

As far as other items are concerned, knowing whether or not your rental is furnished should be one of your first questions. If it is furnished, ask your landlord for a list of what’s included so that you don’t waste your energy or space on any duplicates. You should treat packing household items the same way you approach packing your clothes: narrow down the list down to what is necessary. Do you really need that panini maker? Is there even room for it?  

Organizing A Temporary Home

Many of you can relate to me when I say that I cannot deal with clutter. How can you unwind after a long day if you’re coming home to a mess? Psychologists agree that encountering disorganized spaces can actually cause stress, so here are five tips for organizing a temporary home.  

Baby steps

Organization can seem like a daunting task no matter how small your space is. Begin with one space, like your kitchen or your bedroom, instead of trying to tackle your entire apartment or house. Completing smaller tasks will keep you focused on what you’re doing instead of worrying about everything that needs to be done. Once you’ve finished organizing one area, take a short break before moving onto the next.

Frequency of use

Arranging items based on how often you use them is a great way to keep your new home organized. Keep the items you use more frequently in places that are easy to get to. Save the top shelf and the back of your closet for the things you rarely need. This rule can apply to any room in your home, so don’t waste valuable space on things you don’t use often!

Clothing by occasion

Try to keep your clothing separated based on occasion. You don’t want to be stuck rooting through a bunch of sweatshirts in search of that cute blazer you just bought. As a start, arrange your clothing into these four categories: formal, casual, work, and sport. Once you place your clothes into these categories, you can also choose to organize them based on color and style. This will help you save time when planning your outfits.

Utilize wasted space

Noticing any areas in your home that could be used for storage is important when you’re trying to maximize your space. Doors are one feature that many people overlook when it comes to storage. There are at least a few of them in any home, so create more storage space by hanging organizers or hooks over them. Finding furniture with hidden storage compartments is also a tasteful and practical way to organize your home.

Bins, bins, bins

Be sure to stock up on containers of all shapes and sizes. They will help you keep track of what you have without making a mess of things. Try to stick with ones that are stackable and clear so that you know exactly what’s inside of them. If you prefer more attractive options that are not clear, create an inventory of where things are stored or simply label your bins. Compartmentalizing your stuff also makes moving out much easier.

Now that you’ve got the hang of organizing your space, it’s time to decorate and make it your own! What are some of your favorite tips for organizing a temporary home? Share them with us in the comments.

Author: Allied Travel Careers

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