Older Patient Care for Occupational Therapists

Aging is a journey that brings wisdom and meaning into life. Aging often brings upon hardships. That’s why occupational therapists train intensively to help elders cope with disabilities and problems as they occur. Occupational therapists allow elder patients to gain freedom and fulfillment against any struggle. As the population grows older, you can expect to see more and more seniors at your healthcare facilities. This is why older patient care is an essential part of the healthcare industry and can make for a great career. This is especially prevalent for occupational therapists, who will help seniors rehab injuries or simply use exercises and stretches to combat the effects of growing older. Below we’ll take a look at the importance of older patient care for occupational therapists.

Older Patient Care for Occupational Therapists

Aging Gracefully

Aging is a part of life, and occupational therapists help to make it a fulfilling, pleasant, and productive journey. This is done by assisting the elder patient both mentally and physically to ensure that they are able to enjoy activities and their time to the fullest while minimizing setbacks. Should a patient have a pre-existing condition such as Alzheimer’s or a bone fracture, then the therapist will help them to transition pleasantly into a new and fulfilling lifestyle that caters towards their ailment. Older patient care isn’t just about helping patients do certain exercises or activities, it’s also about being sympathetic and encouraging. Aging can be a strenuous and difficult process. It’s up to you to make it as easy as possible for your older patients.

Older Patient Care for Occupational Therapists

Aiding the Memory

For patients with mental health problems, the occupational therapist will guide the patient towards living safely and fruitfully. They do this by working with the patient to help their memory so that they can remember the people and events in their life. It is also achieved by creating a safe and livable place where the patient is free from injuries as the condition worsens. Older patient care for occupational therapists isn’t just about physical rehab, it’s about mental as well! This therapy can help combat mental issues that can arise as we age.

As the mental faculties decline, the patient will need more specialized care to properly complete their daily tasks. Simple tasks like taking medication or even going for a walk can become difficult for a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s. To ensure that these needs are met, the occupational therapist will create a specialized daily routine that allows the patient to complete their tasks while still finding enjoyment along the way. Along with this, the therapist will overwatch and partake in all of the activities to provide companionship while ensuring that nothing goes wrong. It’s about being a shoulder for your patients to lean on both literally and physically.

Promoting Strength

As patients age, exercise becomes increasingly complicated as the risks of injury increase. However, elder patients deserve time to enjoy the sun, and a small amount of daily exercise can help them to age gracefully. As we grow older, our bones and muscles weaken, which makes older patient care all the more important. Occupational therapists will carefully walk with patients to ensure that they soak in the sun without any complications. Elderly patients may even be able to lightly exercise, and this will help their joints and mental wellbeing. To help, the therapist will guide them through safe and efficient stretches and exercises. These will increase blood flow and joint health. This may not be possible for all patients. However, occupational therapists are trained to create individual plans that cater to their patient’s strengths.

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If you have a story or experience you’d like to share during your time as an occupational therapist, feel free to comment below!

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