Make The Most Of Your Travel Therapy Career

Make the most of your travel therapy assignment

One of the attractive aspects of taking a travel therapy assignment for 13 weeks or so is the ability to be a tourist and explorer at the same time you experience new career circumstances. A travel therapist who just goes to work and back is missing out on much of the whole experience. Here are some suggestions of making the most of your free time in temporary circumstances from Allied Travel.

  • Learn about the area you are staying in. By Googling the name of the city you are working in, or even looking it up on Wikipedia, you can uncover a treasure trove of information that even the locals may not be aware of. You will also want to look up the names of nearby towns. They may also offer some interesting histories or unique places to visit.
  • Check out Groupon or other discount sites. These sites can provide extremely affordable dining and entertainment options. They can also provide an opportunity to break the ice by sharing that bargain with someone of interest from your temporary work assignment.
  • Ask co-workers who are permanent locals. Ask them where they would take a visiting relative to eat, what places are a must see for visitors, and where is the best place to have fun. It is a conversation starter and could lead to some interesting locales.
  • Explore. If you have a vehicle, take a drive. If not, many metropolitan areas have affordable and safe public transportation. Get out as soon as you can and learn about your surroundings and what is available.
  • Check out the local calendar of events. Depending on the season, many communities have an almost constant flow of art shows, festivals, and concerts in the park. Most times these events don’t charge an admission fee. Visit the local Chamber of Commerce website or the websites of local media outlets. Find something of interest and go!
  • Volunteer. Just because you may not have long term roots in the area doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. Look for fundraisers, 5ks, parades, or other civic events that may need help for a day or weekend. It is a great way to meet new people and network.

Accept the challenge to fully experience the area you will be working in. It is the best way to make the most of your travel therapy assignment. Visit Allied Travel Careers to learn more about travel therapy careers and browse job opportunities today!

Author: Allied Travel Careers

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