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Maybe there’s a city you’ve always dreamed if visiting but wasn’t sure if it would be the right fit for you. Luckily this website helps you to find your own best place to live. FindYourSpot.com instantly provides you with a customized list of the best cities or small towns that fit your expectations perfectly! This easy to maneuver website helps you to compare perfect hometowns and undiscovered havens that cater to exactly what you’re looking for.

How It Works

Stray away from the cliché lists of acclaimed “best places in the United States” and discover your perfect place—and better yet, based on what YOU are looking for! FindYourSpot doesn’t tell you what your priorities are based off of the cities you should want to live in, like most “best city” websites do.

Magazines and websites that just list the “best cities” make suggestions based on scenery, nightlife, or other things that aren’t really the best foundations while searching for a location that fits you. Typically, the top cities are glorified based on fun things to do or awesome sites to see—when in reality, once you’ve had the fun there is to have and seen all the sites, you’re just left trying to accommodate the city, not the other way around as it should be. FindYourSpot makes sure the cities cater to your needs and not vice versa like top city lists.

How it works is you take a short quiz, consisting of questions like: Where do you want to live?

With answer options such as:

  • Big city with all of it’s amenities
  • Middle-of-the-road, best-of-both-worlds, medium-sized towns
  • Small nice town filled with good character and good people

Once you choose the type of location you aspire to live in, FindYourSpot goes through and asks a of simple questions that are more personalized, covering categories such as:

  • Type of weather you prefer
  • Cultivating culture
  • Type of setting you prefer/geography
  • Outdoor adventure options (or lack there of)
  • Community safety
  • Cultural opportunities
  • Economic status/ housing costs

Your Top Spots

The entire quiz and collection of questions as a whole will take briefly 5-7 minutes to answer. Upon completion, FindYourSpot will ask for your email and quickly send a verification response to the given address. Once opened, you will be provided with a list of 24 of Your Top Spots. The cities or towns provided are uniquely selected based on your answers to the specific quiz questions, giving you the most prominent suggestions!

Not only does FindYourSpot administer a lists of your top 24 most fitting destinations, but it also presents you with pertinent information on each location such as:

  • Pictures of landmarks in that location
  • Climate data
  • Interesting trivia
  • Real reports from real people

Decisions Can Be Hard, Choosing Your Next Destination Shouldn’t Be.

The beautiful beaches of California are tempting, but everything is bigger in Texas. Sometimes the hardest part of a travel therapy position is determining where you want to go afterwards! If you’ve never traveled before, finding the perfect city for you may be difficult. This website provides helpful resources and is perfect for assisting you in the direction that best fits you and your needs. The only thing better than being a travel therapist is working in a location that provides all the accommodations you’ve always dreamed of.

Immediately after receiving your results, you can simply narrow down your search criteria and apply for travel therapy positions in places that are calling your name. If you’re stuck in a rut and unable to decide where you would like to pursue your next travel therapy assignment, the worrying stops here!

Author: Allied Travel Careers

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