Increase Your Earnings By Opting For a Travel Therapy Career

Increase earnings with a travel therapy career

Make more income…now!

Careers in the medical field pay well, but many times these positions include long hours and a lot of stress. While the career field is rewarding, it can lead to burn out. In addition, there aren’t really a lot of opportunities to increase your income unless you work a lot of overtime or land an executive position at a hospital or other facility. However, a travel therapy career allows physical therapists, occupational therapists, assistants, and speech language pathologists to earn more and find more job satisfaction while being able to explore the country.

Higher Wages

Employers and recruiters understand that it can be difficult to pack up and move on to the next position every few weeks or months. That’s why they compensate you accordingly. You’ll find that your wages are higher when you travel to different hospitals, clinics and other facilities. Your time, effort, education and experience are all very valuable, and are not taken lightly when it comes to compensation.

Per Diem

It can also be expensive to find appropriate housing and procure your meals and other incidentals. You will receive a generous per diem rate; many professionals who embark on a travel therapy career find that the per diem rate is more than enough to cover expenses. When you work at one location, you don’t receive money to cover your housing and meals, so this is a great boost to your income.

Travel Expenses

In most cases, you are not expected to cover the cost of your own travel. You will get travel expenses to take care of getting you to the job location. This relieves your financial burden and allows you to see many places that you might not have gotten to visit. Whether you choose to fly or drive to your next assignment, you will be compensated for your expenses.

A travel therapy job is a great way to boost your income while increasing your job satisfaction level. There are many opportunities for qualified physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapist assistants, and certified occupational therapist assistants. Travel speech language pathologist opportunities are also increasing. For more information on how you can find a great career and see the world while helping others, visit Allied Travel Careers and speak with our network of recruiters today!

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