5 Impressive Travel Therapy Benefits!

Being a travel therapist has its perks, there’s no denying that. However, for newcomers, making the decision to become a travel therapist can be a difficult one. Unfortunately, travel therapy isn’t for everyone, and there are a lot of different things to consider before making the leap. So, let’s take a look at some awesome travel therapy benefits that may help first-timers to make a decision!

5 Impressive Travel Therapy Benefits

1. You Can Pick Where You Work!

One of the most obvious (and, let’s be honest, coolest) travel therapy benefits is that you can pretty much pick where you want to work. Have you always wanted to see the Grand Canyon? Travel therapy jobs in Arizona await. Dying to visit Nashville? Apply to jobs in Tennessee! The options are endless, and you’ll have the chance to check tons of destinations off your bucket list. Better yet, nothing is long term. So, if you decide to take on an assignment in Washington and decide that the mountains and cooler weather aren’t for you, you can find some solace in the fact that you’ll only be there for a couple of months.

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2. Better Pay and Benefits

On average, travel therapists make more money than those in permanent positions. In fact, according to a blog from Aureus Medical, some travelers are making $200-$300 more than full-time employees. That adds up to over $1,000 per month! In addition, travel therapists have access to some unique benefits. For example, many agencies offer nontaxable stipends to cover travel and housing expenses, allowing you to maximize your income! However, keep in mind that all agencies have different benefits, so be sure to take that into account when choosing an assignment.

3. Flexibility and Variety in Scheduling

Another awesome benefit of travel therapy is that it allows for much more flexibility and variety in your schedule. Travelers tell their employees when they are available to work. So, if you need to take a few weeks off between assignments to visit family, you’ll be able to! Travel therapists have a lot more control over their schedules than full-time employees do. Not only that, but their schedules have more variety! Every few months, your schedule will change as you move from assignment to assignment. So, if you’re someone who gets bored easily or hates monotony, travel therapy is an awesome escape from routine.

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4. Skill Development and Resume Building

Being a travel therapist will expose you to tons of different environments and experiences that you wouldn’t find in a permanent position. With travel therapy, you don’t have to settle for one type of facility. Each assignment you go on will likely teach you new treatments and techniques, so you’ll be able to expand your skill set. Additionally, travel therapy will look great on your resume! A common misconception is that travel therapy is bad for a resume since it involves switching jobs frequently and/or having large gaps in employment. Don’t worry, though, this isn’t actually the case. Due to the different experiences and knowledge you gain on assignment, travel therapy is a huge resume builder!

5. You Can Grow Your Professional and Personal Networks

It’s no surprise that being a travel therapist will allow you to do all kinds of networking and expand your professional network. However, it can also expand your personal network! Whether it’s on the job or during a night on the town, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. Don’t shy away from mingling and making friends just because you’re only in town temporarily. A couple of months is plenty of time to form some awesome friendships!

What other travel therapy benefits can you think of? Share them with us in the comments below!

Author: Allied Travel Careers

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