How to Have a Successful Road Trip on Your Way to Travel Jobs

Your adventure as an allied traveler doesn’t start the moment you arrive at your next assignment. The true adventure begins when your car is packed, and you hop into the driver’s seat and put the engine into gear. Sure, you may not always have time to make your trip to and from assignments a leisurely experience, but there are things you can do to have fun no matter how long or short your drive is. Allied travel jobs give you the freedom to see the entire country, so it’s a good idea to slow down, breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the entire journey. Whether you’re traveling alone or have some company, here are three tips for how to have a successful road trip on your way to and from allied travel jobs.

Three Tips for Allied Travelers: How to Have a Successful Road Trip

Plan your route, consider the little details and most importantly, make it fun! Here’s how to have a successful road trip!

how to have a successful road trip

1. Plan your route

The first step for how to have a successful road trip is to know where you are going. There are lots of mapping tools out there that can help you plan your route, such as Google Maps. If you’re logged into your Google account, you can go to Menu, Your Places and then you have the option to create a map. This allows you to figure out what route you’re taking, and even add stops along the way. By creating a map, you can see your trip and know the estimated miles and hours you will be traveling. Depending on where you’re traveling to, you may not always have cell phone service or access to the internet. To be prepared for situations like this, don’t forget to bring a good, old-fashioned paper map with you so that you know where you are going if you lose the ability to check your route online.

2. Consider the little details

As you’re mapping out your trip, consider the little details. For example, how long will it take you to get there and can you do it in one day? Will you be going through a different time zone on your trip? Will you have to travel at night and are you comfortable with that? How much gas will it take you to get there, and are you driving through rural areas where gas stations might be scarce? AAA has a fuel calculator tool that will estimate, based on current gas prices and the make and model of your car, how much it will cost you to get from point A to point B. This can be helpful in budgeting, although chances are your staffing agency is going to reimburse you for travel expenses anyway. The last important detail to consider – can your car make the trip? Don’t forget to take it to a mechanic for a tune-up before you go. This way you can attempt to avoid any potential breakdowns on the road. Keep in mind that you might run into traffic, get sick or find more to do at one stop than you thought you would! Also, the weather might change. Be sure to keep an eye on any storms coming your way. When planning your trip, leave yourself extra time for the unexpected.

3. Make it fun!

The last tip for how to have a successful road trip is to make it fun! Don’t forget to bring your favorite tunes with you on the road, and pack some snacks! Plan things to see and do on your drive. There are plenty of road trip planning tools out there, such as can help you find everything from places to eat to the weirdest stuff you could possibly see across the United States.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve experienced on your way to or from a travel assignment? Share your travel stories and tips with us in the comment section below, and don’t forget to apply online for your next travel adventure!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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