How to Beat Homesickness as a Travel Therapist

Travel therapists are adventure driven and challenge driven…think about it! Travel therapists have the exciting opportunity to travel to new locations for their assignments. However, let’s face it, life on the road is not always the easiest. Constantly adapting to new cities and work environments can be challenging. At some point in your career as a travel therapist, you may experience homesickness. Don’t worry…it’s normal! But how should you cope with it? There are many different tips and tricks that can all help with how to beat homesickness as a travel therapist. Keep reading! We’ve listed some of our favorites tips below!

How to Beat Homesickness as a Travel Therapist

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How to Beat Homesickness as a Travel Therapist: Tips While You’re Away

  1. Research Your City & Have a Plan to Explore

Perhaps one of the main draws to this career choice is the constant ability to travel. Don’t get caught staying in your apartment because you’re feeling homesick! Instead, look into the city that you will be heading to. Find out what some of the local attractions are. You’re in a new city, embrace the change, and take advantage of where you are!

  1. Stay Connected…Socially!

You’ve moved to a new city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with your old friends on social media! Try and find time each week to call back to your friends and family to stay connected.

  1. Get Involved with your Community!

Another way to beat homesickness while on an assignment is to get involved in your local community. While it can be intimidating moving to a new city, try to get involved in any way you can! For example, like to run? Join a running club! Find ways to meet new friends while still enjoying your own hobbies.

  1. Bring a Furry Friend

Yes, we’re serious! In fact, many travel therapists bring pets with them. Dogs form loyal bonds with their owners and can often times help owners feel more comfortable, safe, and remembered. Before you go, make sure your apartment allows for pets!

  1. Break A Sweat

Literally… go break a sweat. Research has shown that getting up and moving around helps to improve mood. Exercise can help to increase your heart rate, and release endorphins that can help to relieve stress and worry. Next time your feeling homesick, get up and go for a jog!

  1. Location, Location, Location

If you are passionate about travel therapy, but the comfort of family or friends is important to you, be strategic in where you chose to accept an assignment. For example, if you have a few friends or family in a different city, consider looking into travel assignment jobs in that area! Not only will you have the comfort of family and friends, but you may also have a place to stay!

  1. Bring a friend on Your Travels

Your adventurous…are you friends? If so, bring them along! Most likely assignments will last around 13 weeks long. This length is perfect for exploring a new area. If you have friends that want to come along, let them! You’ll have a travel buddy, friend, and support system when you need it.

  1. Remember Your Assignment

While you may be feeling homesick, try to remember that your placement is temporary. Before you know it, you’ll be getting back into a car or plane to head home. Remember your experience! Try and soak in the positive moments of your trip by keeping a journal or taking photos.

Are you a travel therapist? What are some other ways that you cope with homesickness? Share your tips in the comments below!

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