Flying Solo: How it Feels to Travel Alone


Flying Solo: How it Feels to Travel Alone

There’s a lot of reasons that people travel alone. Some enjoy the thrill of packing their bags and independently embarking on a personal journey. Others, must travel all by themselves for a business trip or to take on an allied health travel assignment. It’s not always the most comfortable feeling in the world to fly solo for the first time. But, anyone who hasn’t tried it often wonder what it’s like to travel with no one but your shadow.

How it Feels to Travel Alone

1. Freeing

The best part about traveling with just yourself? No arguments about what to add to the itinerary. There’s no need to compromise. There’s no guilt on this trip because you can fulfill all your goals without worrying about accommodating others. No better feeling than feeling completely untied. Eat what you want, see what you want, sleep when you want. Plus, those who have a lot of baggage from their past, find the best way to cleanse yourself is to actually pack up your bags and go—sans companion.

2. Spontaneous

You find when you travel alone that you start making more daring choices when you’re by yourself in a new place. You are more open to doing new things that you never may have considered before. Hey, you might just find your new passion in life that never would have happened.

3. Rejuvenating

When you’re traveling alone, you become so dependent on yourself for everything that you start to feel like you are blossoming into a better version of YOU. You notice that suddenly you’re seeing yourself make the tough decisions in record time, more easily entertained, more observant, fearless, and appreciative of the little things.

4. Thought-provoking

When you’re out there on your own, your thoughts run through your head like an Olympic runner. An independent traveler has the key to unlock the potential of your imagination. In fact, you should always keep a notebook and pen handy when embarking on a solo pilgrimage…you never know what wonders your intellect can muster.

5. A lot more social than you’d think

When you end up visiting somewhere all by your lonesome you start to realize pretty quickly that’s it honestly isn’t that lonesome at all. In fact, when you’re out and about on your own, you’d be surprised what kind of social butterfly wings you start to grow! When you finally get your footing in whichever destination you are visiting, you find that people will just be drawn to you, and vice versa. Soon you become fearless enough to chat up anybody. And honestly, you learn way more about the good spots from asking the natives than from the internet.


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