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As with almost any profession, searching for a job is all about the benefits and strategic building of one’s resume for future opportunities. For newly graduated therapy professionals looking to travel, the start of a career quickly accelerates with a supportive work environment. Notably, the chance to receive mentorship from seasoned therapists in the field makes a huge difference! Here we’ll discuss some of the benefits of finding mentorship in travel therapy and how to prepare:

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Finding Mentorship in Travel Therapy

Even after years of schooling filled with technical information, there is still more to learn. Whether you’re new to your respective field or not, finding mentorship in travel therapy remains an extremely useful resource. 

Although many budding allied health professionals choose to enter an official, academic residency program straight out of college, others choose a mentorship program. With mentorship in travel therapy, the transition between school and a career a little more smooth compared to jumping right in with little to no actual experience. These allow greater flexibility while keeping the experience productive and informative to your career.

Find On-Site Mentors

Realistically, you finding mentorship in travel therapy could amount to your first traveling assignment! Many recruiters and agencies are happy to help new travelers find mentorship opportunities. There are two initial options to consider:

  • Find a facility with a mentorship program
  • Negotiate four weeks of training into your contract

More often than not, travelers desire an individualized mentorship experience rather than group training, although everyone is different! Whatever option you decide to pursue for your first assignment, make sure you communicate with your recruiter about what goals you have for mentorship in travel therapy.

As a new graduate with an interest in mentorship in travel therapy, the good news is that there are plenty of chances. It can feel a little overwhelming at first to jump right into a facility as the sole traveling therapist! By setting your expectations with your recruiter, they’ll never put you in a situation that you haven’t signed up for.

Signing on to mentorships for travel therapy often comes with the caveat that you have less experience than others. In this way, the hiring facility will accommodate short-term employees needing extra training or access to a mentor accordingly. If a contract doesn’t specify the needed years of experience, it’s likely you’ll find a mentorship or training opportunity. Just be sure to check with your recruiter and communicate your needs actively!

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Utilize Social Media

If you’ve been searching for mentorships in travel therapy but haven’t had much luck, consider reaching out on social media. There are tons of people online via Twitter or LinkedIn groups that you could connect with! It may not be as direct as asking someone in person, but you’ll definitely get varied perspectives. Even just finding someone to hold video sessions with or email your questions and concerns to for support is incredibly helpful!

Consult Your Agency’s Network

Another way to find mentorships in travel therapy is by asking your recruitment agency whether any of their other clients would be willing to play this role. Even if these other professionals are elsewhere in the country, it’s possible they’ll also make time to assist your budding career. Everyone has been in a position of getting settled in their professional life, and many therapists know how difficult travel therapy can be when just starting out!

Just to recap, there are several ways to find mentorship in travel therapy. First, consider taking assignments with the guarantee of on-site mentors or training opportunities. Next, use social media to find professionals willing to answer your questions on the job. Finally, ask your recruiter or agency whether they have clients willing to mentor you! Most likely, you’ll utilize a combination of these three to ensure the best mentorship experience possible!

What are your experiences with mentorship in travel therapy? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Connor Smith

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