Smell You Later: Aromatherapy for Anxiety

We live in a hectic world and sometimes, no matter what we do, it can be exceedingly difficult to relax. This can be especially true if you have high anxiety or a high-stress job. Finding time to practice common forms of relaxation like yoga, regular exercise, or napping can be tough. Aromatherapy is an easier way to work into relaxation time for yourself. It can be done while you’re eating, bathing, driving, and even when you go to sleep.

The molecules inhaled during this therapy reach the limbic region of your brain, used in processing memories and emotional responses. It is a simple and affordable way to create a therapy regimen for yourself in the privacy of your own home. Aromatherapy is all about using essential oils to treat whatever symptoms of anxiety you are facing. Knowing the right oils can be the answer to all your relaxation and anxiety questions.

Aromatherapy for anxiety

Aromatherapy through the use of essential oils can help fight anxiety.

Aromatherapy Through Essential Oils

There is more than meets the eye (or nose) when it comes to understanding stress disorders and how to calm down after a long day. The effects of each person’s physical, mental, and emotional health are all varying in nature and reason. But what if a smell could improve aspects of those three areas? Different scents can relieve some of the stresses to those areas by triggering memories of a peaceful time or adding to a relaxing atmosphere.

Essential oils are naturally occurring compounds used for different types of health-care treatments or just to help you smell amazing.

Top Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Lavender– There are a ton of benefits to using lavender oil, but the most common use is for sleep. Extracted from lavender plants, this oil is great for inducing sleep after a tiring day of work. It can be used in cases of insomnia or to help create a solid sleep schedule.

Rose– Everyone associated roses with love or happiness, and that is one of the reasons using rose oil is perfect. Roses help bring memories of joyful times of and emotions which can act as an antidepressant for some. It can also be used to treat fevers, muscle spasms, or help heal the skin of scars or other blemishes.

Chamomile– By now, someone has probably told you to drink a glass of chamomile tea to help you calm down or fall asleep. And they would be right! But chamomile oil can have assisting effects to your evening glass. This oil is perfect for treating anxiety and depression as the scent reaches your brain. It can also help with skin disorders and menstrual symptoms.

Vetiver– The oil of vetiver can help in reducing panic attacks or jitters. Just some of its many benefits, vetiver oil also acts as a great anti-inflammatory and can promote new tissue growth.

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