Choosing the Right Travel Therapy Company

what to look for in a travel therapy company

Choosing the Right Travel Therapy Company


The first step before you even look online for a travel therapy position is to first understand what you should be looking for. Let’s face it, all travel therapy companies are not created equal. There’s a lot of options to be considered when you are first planning on working with organizations that fill physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathology travel jobs. And, quality of travel therapy companies range from highest peak of Quality Mountain to bottom of the murkiest barrel. Usually, it’s pretty easy to see which companies are better than others.

How to choose the right travel therapy company:

1. Assess the company’s website.

Does the webpage look professional and seem to provide knowledgeable information? Even though you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover, a professional travel therapy site will have a more user-friendly and useful webpage. Read their mission statements. If the page seems like it was written by someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, it’s likely their travel therapy services will be just as lacking.

2. Ask important questions.

Track the phone number of the company down and give them a call. Be ready ahead of time ready to ask every and any important question you have. If they can’t easily answer your questions, it is a good indicator that they aren’t as legitimate as other companies. In which case, you should try to look elsewhere for your travel therapy needs.

Ask them about their benefits and how their processes work. Find out if they offer first day insurance, coverage between assignments, stipends, housing, travel expenses, retirement options, direct deposit, furniture assistance, guaranteed hours, etc. Also find out if they offer any reimbursements for continuing education expenses. It’s important to find out every detail involved during you travel assignment before you get stuck in an unhappy arrangement.

Remember, there’s more important things to consider than just how much they pay. Although it is true that wage is one of the biggest factors, when you consider health insurance and housing plans you need to weigh the best financial choice for you. Often, higher wages will blind other factors that are not included for potential travelers.

3. Consider your needs before signing a contract.

Before you commit to any travel assignment, don’t short change yourself by not doing your research, first. Prioritize the benefits that you most want from your travel therapy job and then be sure to find a company that offers most of your wishes. Compare pro’s and con’s of several company’s and their perks.

Another thing you want to be weary of is how helpful recruiters are at the travel company you are considering. In the travel healthcare sector, relationships between recruiters and job-seekers are monumental. A skilled recruiter will be on your side and put you on a great path–helping every step of the way. A bad recruiter is hard to get in touch with, doesn’t help you make informed decisions, or might just have a terrible attitude. Having a great recruiter is beneficial so that you can quickly be matched with future assignments and to avoid long and complicated interim time-frames between travel jobs.

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