How to Celebrate Physical Therapy Month

How to Celebrate Physical Therapy Month

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Happy National Physical Therapy Month! October is our favorite month because it is our annual opportunity to celebrate the incredible work of physical therapists nationwide.

All of us at Allied Travel Careers want to thank physical therapists and physical therapist assistants for all the impactful work they do. Physical therapists work hard to help millions of patients across the country.

We are so thankful for every physical therapist, so we want to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month all October long!

If you have a physical therapist in your life, thank them for everything they do during National Physical Therapy Month. The best way to celebrate National Physical Therapy month is to help raise awareness of the importance of physical therapy.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

Some people do not realize the full scope of the practice.

While most people have heard of physical therapy, some do not realize the full scope of the practice.

A physical therapist helps diagnose and treat medical patients suffering from injuries and diseases that restrict their ability to maintain regular physical function.

These treatments can include tactics to manage pain and chronic conditions, offer a safe alternative to surgery and prescription drugs, and ensure that patients get enough physical activity.

Once a primary doctor refers a patient, a physical therapist creates an individualized recovery plan focused on restoring as much function as possible and getting patients physically active. Physical therapists are movement experts committed to designing patients’ proper physical activity plans.

Physical therapists work with other medical and social professionals to treat every demographic. These healthcare professionals work together to develop excellent treatment plans for patients.

Physical therapy has many specialties, including specializations in chronic conditions, sports recovery, and pain management.

Importance of Physical Therapy

PTs help to restore quality of life through a variety of methods

PTs help to restore quality of life through a variety of methods. Whether it involves improving physical activity or working to manage pain, PTs deserve all the praise for the work they complete.

Physical therapy can help patients avoid surgery and prescription drugs that may have unwanted side effects. It can also improve outcomes by helping prevent re-injury or other complications post-surgery.

Physical therapy effectively treats many medical issues, including chronic disease and physical activity complications.

Medical Issues Treated by Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the most sustainable and effective treatments for chronic pain, instability, limited range of motion, weakness, improper alignment, compromised function, and much more.

Physical therapists often educate their patients on what is causing their medical issues, which helps them prevent issues after physical therapy and keeps patients aware of the treatment they are receiving.

The Origins of National Physical Therapy Month

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) initially observed National PT Month as Physical Therapy Week. In the 1980s, APTA and its participating components began to celebrate Physical Therapy Week as a way to recognize the work of PTs.

During APTA’s annual conference in 1992, PT Week evolved into National Physical Therapy Month, now celebrated every October!

Help Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month!

This October, help celebrate National Physical Therapy Month

This October, help celebrate National Physical Therapy Month by spreading awareness of physical therapy’s importance in our society.

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Get the Most Out of Your Physical Therapy Career

Some PTs even pursue a traveling career!

Some PTs even pursue a traveling career, which can offer some unique advantages and excitement not available in the traditional hospital setting. Travel PTs are crucial because they help fill positions in desperate areas, so patients don’t have to go without proper care

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