Celebrate National Rehabilitation Awareness Week 2015

When we think about the month of September a few things come to mind. Back to school, leaves falling, and the autumn rearing it’s pretty little head once again. However, there’s something else we should be mindful of in the coming weeks.

Celebrate National Rehabilitation Awareness Week 2015

The National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation (NRAF) uses a week of September every year to teach folks about the incredible benefits that rehabilitation brings to the quality of life for many. Additionally, they work to create programs which “aim to increase opportunities for the nearly fifty million Americans with disabilities, and help those whoa re disabled live up to their fullest potential.” This year the National Rehabilitation Awareness Week falls on September 20-26.

In 1996 was created by Allied Services, a not-for-profit health system out of Scranton, PA. However, Allied Services have been the main sponsors to Rehab Week since 1976. This year, you can purchase a wide variety of great merchandise featuring the NRAF logo.

However, we feel that awareness should be spread every single day and not just through purchasing merchandise. Allied Travel Careers thinks as healthcare providers, we can do a lot to educate people about the wonderful impact that rehab therapies bring to patients, especially ones who suffer from disabilities.

How to celebrate National Rehab Awareness everyday:

  • Thank the PTs, OTs, and SLPs that work tirelessly to promote functionality and normal living activities for their patients
  • Encourage loved ones to seek rehabilitation therapy if they are having issues with daily living tasks
  • Help others learn basic techniques to promote a mobility and functionality

So this month, and every other month, let’s give praise where praise is due to the great rehab therapists of the world. And, for all of us PTs, OTs, and SLPs, we can join forces to shed some light on the vital role we play in our professions.

So, I say, instead of simply spouting out “happy rehab week” that we celebrate rehabiliation awareness 24/7, 365 days a week. Who’s with me?!

Author: Allied Travel Careers

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