Best States for Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists work with patients to facilitate recovery in various capacities. However, the setting in which occupational therapists do this can vary greatly by facility and region. While there are countless factors affecting each unique situation, below is our list of the best states for occupational therapists. This ranking is primarily based upon salary, cost of living, and job opportunity but location and availability of recreation are also taken into account.

Best States for Occupational Therapists

5 Best States for Occupational Therapists

1. New Jersey

The Garden State has much more to offer than lush greenery and picturesque beaches. It also boasts more than 1 occupational therapy job per 1000 other jobs and the third highest annual mean wage of any state. At $91,660, occupational therapists in New Jersey can earn an impressive salary while resting assured that there is a great deal of demand for their services. Plus, even if you do somehow manage to run out of ways to spend your off days (which is highly unlikely), you can take a quick trip to New York City or Philadelphia. Browse OT jobs in New Jersey here!

2. Texas

The Lone Star state boasts a higher annual mean wage for occupational therapists than almost any other state and is the highest in terms of salary on our list. At $96,800, this salary is more than competitive. Between the countless events and activities going on in the many big cities of Texas, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy and spend all that money on! Your job prospects won’t be too bad either. The state also has the 2nd highest number of OT jobs in the country. Take a look at some of these OT jobs in Texas right here on!

3. Connecticut

Connecticut is the only state in the U.S. that cracks the top 5 in both annual mean wage and occupational therapy jobs per 1000 other jobs. While this in and of itself is a good reason to include the Constitution State in our list, the Connecticut coasts and the abundant history of the state makes it a can’t miss. If you’re interested in a state with an annual mean wage of $89,340 for occupational therapists and want to head to the northeast, look no further than Connecticut OT jobs!

4. Virginia

At the border of North and South, the state of Virginia is the perfect gateway to new experiences! Aside from being home to some of the most notable suburbs of our country’s capital, Virgina also has stunning beaches and outdoor activities. While you’re taking in all that Virginia¬†has to offer, you can earn more than $90,000 per year. The annual mean wage for OTs in Virginia is $91,450. With something for every type of person and the salary to compliment it, Virgina could be the best place for your next travel assignment in occupational therapy! Look at these available jobs to get started with your search!

5. Colorado

The great western state of Colorado is great for more than one reason. From the Rocky Mountains to the Colorado River, this state is an outdoorsman’s dream and with¬†an annual mean wage of $86,420 for OTs, you’ll likely be able to afford some fun trips! Additionally, this state also offers more than 1 OT job per 1000 jobs meaning that opportunity is abundant. If exploring the west sounds like the adventure for you, be sure to check out some of these occupational therapy job listings in Colorado!

Regardless of where you’ve been or where you’re heading, Occupational Therapists are pivotal to the rehabilitation of countless individuals. While you can’t go wrong with practicing OT in any of our 50 states, we’re confident that the states listed above constitute the best states for occupational therapists in 2017.

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