Being a School Psychologist is a Good Career Move

As most in the field will probably tell you, being a school psychologist isn’t an easy career path but it sure is a rewarding one! Everyone has their fair share of difficult days at work, but it seems that these pros deal with difficult situations more often than not.

It may seem like there is never enough time in the day to evaluate each student, write their reports, and tweak those behavior plans, but school psychology jobs are absolutely critical to the wellbeing of certain children and make a distinctly positive impact on education. If you’re curious about the profession or just need some affirmation, we’ll be discussing why being a school psychologist is a good career move!

Why Being a School Psychologist is a Good Career Move

1. Seeing Positivity First Hand

Children are particularly vulnerable to difficult emotional and psychological situations, but luckily younger individuals also have the plasticity to really get on the right path. Being a school psychologist means you’ll have a chance to address difficult problems that no one else has the time or skill to. If you’re the type of individual who can remain patient and sustain the idea that each child has the ability to change their lives for the better, then school psychology is definitely the right path for you. Beyond their relationships with their parents, their peers, and teachers, you have the chance to directly influence the course a young life takes — something that really is invaluable.

Where some psychologists may work with adults who have more crystalized psychological difficulties, making a difference in the lives of children can be a source of significant fulfillment.

2. Working with Great Teams

While it’s possible you could be the only school psychologist available to a certain range of students, you’ll still get to work with others in education to really hone your approach. In many cases, districts will contain multiple schools with professionals designated to work with specific grades. Having a solid network of teachers and other psychologists means you’ll get to learn and grow with others in the field, all working to resolve daily issues and difficulties faced by students. Whether it’s the ability to brainstorm solutions or just provide support, working as part of an educational team is just another reason why being a school psychologist is a good career move.

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3. There are Opportunities for Travel

No matter your career plans or current situation, jobs in school psychology do provide opportunities to continue traveling throughout the country. As one of the most in-demand specialties in the field, having the ability to travel is a great benefit to those who want to expand their skill set and experience in unique places.

At the same time, traveling for school psychology jobs provides opportunities to reach areas and students in need of your services. This can really help you maximize the positive impact you’ll have as a school psychology professional, all while exploring some great destinations across the United States!

Requirements for School Psychology Positions

In most cases, these jobs do require a Master’s Degree in School Psychology or an Education Specialist Degree and certification. If you do plan to travel for a school psychology position, it’s important to note that state licensure is required. School psychologists also have more mobility from one state to the next after acquiring The Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) credential offered by NASP. Although this is a voluntary certification, many states require it or will accept it in place of other licensure requirements.

Although it’s not necessarily required, an increasing number of school psychologists are earning doctoral degrees. Following your bachelor’s degree or after completing a master’s degree, students can enter Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Education (Ed.D) programs to really secure their careers through education.

No matter how far you go with your education, it’s safe to say that being a school psychologist is a good career move. Sure, you’ll have days of struggle with difficult students, but when you finally help them have a break through it will all be worth it! Be sure to check out all of our school psychologist positions here on as well as other jobs in psychology.

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