Become a Traveling Occupational Therapist

Thinking of pursuing a career in OT? Occupational therapy is a great field for individuals who are looking to develop long-term patient relationships. As an occupational therapist, you’ll work with patients directly. You’ll be responsible for monitoring their physical, mental or emotional progress over time. Learn how to become a traveling occupational therapist and the many benefits that come with this rewarding career!

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists help patients of all ages. Through therapeutic exercises, OTs refine motor skills, so that their patients complete everyday tasks. They help patients overcome physical and cognitive challenges, as well as those who are suffering from previous trauma.

How to Become a Traveling Occupational Therapist

What are the Educational Requirements for Occupational Therapy?

Unlike many other careers in the medical field, you do not need a doctorate to become an occupational therapist. To practice occupational therapy, you’ll need to complete a master’s degree. Many occupational therapy schools offer accredited 5-year master’s programs, which allow you to earn your degree even faster.

Do I Need an Occupational Therapy License?

In order to practice occupational therapy, you’ll need a state license. License requirements vary slightly by state, so be sure you check out the requirements that will affect you. To receive your license, you’ll need to pass the National Board for Certification Occupational Therapy (NCBOT) Exam.

Are There Certifications for Occupational Therapists?

You may also choose to work toward an occupational therapy certification. The American Occupational Therapy Association offers board and specialty certification to help diversify your resume from other OT job applicants.

What Experience do I need to Become a Traveling OT?

In order to receive your license, you’ll need to have fieldwork experience. Most occupational therapy programs require you to complete fieldwork while in school. If you choose to become a traveling occupational therapist, you’ll be able to rack up years of experience quickly, filling the open positions that meet your needs.

become a traveling occupational therapist

Why Become a Traveling Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapy is a great subsection of the medical field. Traveling occupational therapists enjoy the personal reward of seeing their patients progress throughout therapeutic sessions. OTs also reap the financial benefits of working in this growing field.

High Demand & High Salary

Traveling occupational therapists are in high demand. Agencies are always working to fill open positions. Although your occupational therapy salary may vary by location, specialty, and level of experience, occupational therapy remains a high paying field. The national average occupational therapy salary is $80,049. If you’re looking for a more accurate salary estimate, Glassdoor allows you to filter salary averages by your location.

Ability to Generalize or Specialize

Occupational therapy offers a wide variety of career options. You’ll have the ability to work with a wide variety of patients. Your patients could be of any age and background.

You’ll also have the opportunity to specialize if you choose. If you’re looking to focus your career, you can specialize in the area that most interests you. Occupational therapy offers a variety of specialties including: geriatrics, pediatrics, mental health and physical rehabilitation.

Ability to Travel

Like many other positions in the medical field, occupational therapy offers a wide array of travel career options. If you choose to pursue travel occupational therapy, you’ll have the ability to choose assignments based on your wants and needs. You can decide which assignments best fit your lifestyle based on their location and duration. You can even find the best locations for occupational therapy that offer greater job opportunity or pay.

If you’re looking to become a traveling occupational therapist, check out our OT job postings! You can search for jobs in your location of choice and find the position that fits your needs.

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