An Apple a Day: New Health-Tracking System for iOS8


In the modern technological age, more and more Americans are turning toward their mobile devices to help them keep tabs on their health and fitness. However, there’s so many out there these days that it becomes difficult to organize all that information. Luckily, a new innovation launched by Apple, will help tech-savvy health-nuts collaborate all their apps into one place. It’s called Healthkit.

What is Healthkit?

Healthkit will revolutionize the ability to consolidate all aspects of your physical health statistics gathered from every one of the health apps on your apple device. At the moment, all that information is only being stored within each app. Being able to keep track of your blood pressure, fitness goals/routines, glucose levels, eating and sleep habits, etc so that we now will be able to monitor our lifestyles as a whole. This will make health documentation a breeze. Also, it will allow users to gain insight to improvements they made or what changes in habits should be considered. You can alsobe able to see patterns. For example, you may find that you get more sleep on days you run for thirty minutes. Considering that many of the most useful mobile apps are free; it could be a great way to gain a virtual “nutritionist” and “physical trainer” right in the palm of their hand…literally.

Your Physician and Healthkit

Mayoclinic is actually partnering with Apple to make it super simple to share your health information with your doctor. They’ll be able to monitor blood pressure, diet, and weight via the internet so that they can treat you more accurately. Additionally, Epic Systems is working alongside Apple to get this technology to have capabilities in which you can communicate with your practicing physician via your mobile phone. The system will even give you the ability to keep a “medical emergency card” right on their lock-screen. It would be a precautionary tool that showed emergency contacts, allergies to medications, existing medical conditions, etc.

Some of the popular health/fitness apps:

  • Runkeeper: A free app available for both apple and android users that allows you to find the best courses in the city to go for a run (using GPS satellites.) Additionally, it also keeps up with your progress. It also can keep you connected with your friends so you can compare progress, train, and follow people you know. It’s like a personal trainer for your phone.
  • Bodyspace: Do you even lift, bro? Bodyspace allows its users to do a similar function as Runkeeper but for weight lifting. Keep your progress, goals, and even document your photos of your muscle development. The social aspect of the app can really benefit you by being motivated by your friends and following on Bodyspace. The creators are
  • Fitocracy: Take part in fun physical challenges, view performance reports on your progress, earn points and level-up, connect in social groups, and gain knowledge from a huge network of fitness coaches…for free.

  • Pact: This app gives its mobile uses the ability to make fitness goals weekly for themselves and earn real cash for reaching them! The money is paid by the users who do not meet their exercise promise for the week.


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