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Many health professionals are discovering a new way to work while enjoying life to the fullest. Gone are the days of being stuck in one location every day, working the same job day in and day out. These types of assignments tended to lead to boredom, dissatisfaction with work, and high turn-over in healthcare fields. Allied Travel Careers offers physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and their assistants the opportunity to explore a unique and exciting career path, with short-term traveling assignments.

So, how does it work? Browse jobs and submit your information to our network of recruiters who are waiting to match you up with positions that you are qualified for. You will have the opportunity to speak with several agencies to determine who is going to offer you a good compensation and benefits package and be your advocate. The recruiter you select will then help you prepare for your assignment and arrange travel to the location. Once you are there, you complete the assignment and then move on to the next one. You can travel and enjoy places you’ve never seen before, like a typical tourist. While you are enjoying life on the road, you work temporary assignments. These assignments offer many benefits, including:

  • Short assignments, typically around 13 weeks long;
  • Expenses are paid, including housing and travel;
  • Higher pay than permanent positions;
  • Gain valuable new skills;
  • See the world and travel to new places.

These temporary assignments help you gain new knowledge in various areas, making you even more valuable to potential employers. You can choose to do this for the rest of your career, or a few years, until you obtain the skills you want to have for the rest of your career. Travel careers are flexible and offer a lot of options.

Allied Travel Careers helps bring you the best of both worlds. We work with a large network of recruiters, to help you connect with the best jobs in travel physical therapy, travel occupational therapy, travel speech language pathologists, as well as other health careers. While most assignments are typically 13 weeks long, the duration of the assignments can vary based upon each individual facility’s needs. Best of all, you earn a paycheck and your travel and lodging expenses are paid. You also gain valuable work experience that you might not have gotten otherwise. If you would like more information about traveling careers in the health field, visit Allied Travel Careers today.

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