5 Fall & Harvest Themed Activities for Kids

Fall is upon us. That means we are trading pool passes for pumpkin patches and swimtrunks for sweatshirts. Also, the themed activities we use with pediatric patients in our therapy sessions change just as much as the colors of the leaves are this time of year. Here are some absolutely awesome autumn and harvest themed activities for children to practice this season.

5 Best Fall Activities

1. Bobbing for Apples Sensory Activity

Using a large bowl of water, some small decorative apples, and a a pair of tongs; you can help children develop their abilities. Additionally, you can help develop the child’s cognitiive abilities and ask them if they can pick out apples with the tongs and sort them by color.



2. Cinnamon Autumn Playdough Leaf Prints

Here’s what you need to make the no-cook playdough: add 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, and 2 tablespoons cream of tartar*. Then you can add glitter, cinnamon, spices, and other fragrances as you desire. Then boil 1 1/2 cups of hot water and add it to the mixture. Then add food coloring while the water is still hot so it misses with the dough. You should try to make 3 different colored doughs (red, yellow, and orange.)

Once you’ve got your noncooked playdough made, simply invite the child to find leaves outside and print them onto the dough. It’s a super cool way to make like a tree and leaf.


3. Slimy Spaghetti Sensory Activity for Halloween

With Halloween coming up at the end of next month, this ones a great way to get young children involved in sensory activities. All you need is some spaghetti and some food coloring to make some pretty interesting creepy crawly things! Just cook the pasta, cool them down, and add food coloring. Orange, black and purple are fun for Halloween colors. Then simply let the child explore the goopy concoctions. Just be warned, this activity is terrifyingly messy.


4. Feather Beading for Fine Motor and Color Learning

All you need for this activity is a variety of colored feathers and beads. Children will see that beading the feathers requires the coordinated use of both their hands at once. This activity helps kids practice the movements they’ll need in other skills like tying their shoes, doing buttons, using scissors, and writing. Plus, it will help the kids learn their colors and know which ones they will use.

feather and bead activity

5. Pumpkin Relay Race

All you need to put together an awesome and educational activity for kids is some pumpkins and a passion for fun. Grab a group of kids and a couple small pumpkins of a few different weights and sizes get them in line, have them stand in a row and pass them to one another next to a racing other team passing their pumpkins up and down the line. Mix it up by getting them to pass it through their legs or above their heads! It will help gross motor skills, motor control, development, strength, coordination, proprioception, and social skills.



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