5 Common Allied Health Myths

It’s far too easy to avoid doing something just because you’ve heard “bad things about it.” When it comes to your career, you want to make the right moves. Your time is valuable. Allied health jobs cover such a wide range of different specialties and areas of medicine. So, it’s no wonder why these professionals are some of the most flexible in the industry. Add travel to the mix and there’s no limit as to what you can achieve in allied health! Still, so many don’t travel because of some common allied health myths that persist, so let’s clear the air!

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With increasing demands for healthcare professionals, travel assignments provide the solution to many facilities’ staffing woes. And while traveling therapists and allied healthcare workers are highly sought after, the idea is still a bit foreign to many! Sometimes great paychecks and the ability to travel sounds too good to be true, but we’ll prove why it’s not:

5 Common Allied Health Myths

Myth #1 – There are little to no benefits for allied health travelers…

While many short-term jobs in other industries don’t provide great benefits, allied health is different! Sure, permanent roles have solid benefits but you won’t be totally out in the open as a traveler. Working with a credible staffing agency to find your travel assignments typically means taking advantage of their comprehensive benefits packages. Depending on the length and nature of your assignment, these benefits vary but are nonetheless a standard of the industry.

Myth #2 — Only poorly managed or understaffed facilities hire travelers…

It’s a common misconception that hospitals or clinics with poor management seek travelers as a band-aid to their situation. While there are many instances where facilities use travelers to fill staffing gaps and alleviate strain, 80% of all magnet hospitals use traveling professionals. Not only will you be providing valuable relief to healthcare teams, but you’ll actually get to work in some of the top locations in the country! Sure, there are places with high turnover rates. However, as a traveler, you have the flexibility to come and go in order to suit your best interests professionally.

Myth #3 — Traveling healthcare jobs look bad on a resume…

Far too often people compare traveling healthcare resumes to other types of industries where sporadic employment is viewed negatively. While you may not want to have brief positions at many companies in the corporate world, healthcare is much different. Traveling healthcare jobs actually look fantastic on a resume in the right context! Moving from one assignment to the next shows a breadth of experience and diversity of perspectives that actually serve allied healthcare professionals well in the long run. Additionally, if you can make new connections at each assignment, the possibilities regarding where and when you can work will increase dramatically!

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Myth #4 — You can’t actually pick where you work…

Not only is this untrue, but it may surprise you as to how many locations provide jobs throughout the country! No matter your specialty or training, you’ll find an abundance of positions at the location of your choosing. One of the best things about allied health careers is that you’re able to chase the seasons — heading somewhere warm in the winter or cooler in the summer. Additionally, building a solid relationship with your recruiter or agency helps to make finding your ideal work locations a breeze.

Myth #5 — You don’t have adequate housing options…

The last of our common allied health myths is something that deters so many travelers from getting out and exploring the country. While there may be horror stories, the majority of housing options you’ll find are truly fantastic places to live. Again, working closely with your recruiter or agency is a sure-fire way to get the housing you need to be comfortable and productive. Otherwise, you can take it upon yourself to secure a place to stay, ultimately freeing up some extra cash from your housing stipend!

Don’t let these common allied health myths hold you back from achieving your dreams and advancing your career! What other myths have you heard? Let us know in the comments below!

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