10 Best Physical Therapy Colleges


10 Best Physical Therapy Colleges

It’s no secret that physical therapy is one of the most booming career paths as of now. When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to tell that the industry is a perfect fit for uncertain young people thinking about beginning a healthcare career, but not really sure where to start. Physical therapy jobs are a stable career to get into these days considering that there were 204,200 open positions in 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, and even more today with more Americans insured through the Affordable Care Act! Additionally, PT positions can bring in salaries of $79,860 on average (which is about $38.39/hr.) That’s a lot more than the average yearly income for other positions. Plus, there’s a good level of job-security associated with the physical therapy profession as they project the field to grow 36% in the next 5 years.

So when young people are considering the lucrative field of physical therapy, where should they start? There’s over 200 accredited physical therapy programs out there so it can be a tough choice to pick which one is best for students. Recently, however, a new website has launched called BestPhysicalTherapyColleges.co that hopes to shed some light to prospective students looking to get into a PT program that is right for them. The website assists interested individuals in seeking out the best available accredited schools for giving out degrees.

10 Top Physical Therapy Colleges

1) University of Southern California: Los Angeles, CA

For those who don’t mind a little smog and hope to run into some celebrities, USC is the highest ranking college for both physical therapy and occupational therapy.

2) University of Delaware: Newark, DE

With over 150 graduate programs available, University of Delaware ranks highly on several lists, according to BestPhysicalTherapyColleges.co.

3) University of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PA

Located in the 2nd largest city in PA, the University Pennsylvania ranks as one of the most renowned US colleges to earn PT degrees.

4) Washington University: St. Louis, MO

Tied with with University of Pittsburgh, Washington University has more than just an awesome PT program. They also have an excellent occupational therapy option as well.

5) University of Iowa: Iowa City, IA

University of Iowa is a great college for a plethora of options. However, their physical therapy program is top-notch.

6) US Army-Baylor University: Fort Sam Houston, TX

Besides being ranked as the 71st best university in the U.S., US Army-Baylor University hits the top-ten list for physical therapy programs at #6.

7) Emory University: Atlanta, GA

For those who want to earn their PT credentials in HOT-lanta, Emory University is one of the most excellent places to go.

8) MGH Institute of Health Professions: Boston, MA

If you’re hoping to earn your physical therapy degree in the northeast, check out MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA. How about ‘dem apples?

9) Northwestern University: Evanston, IL

One of the top schools for PTS is Northwestern University, located in the good old Prairie State.

10) University of Miami: Coral Gables, FL

If your search for a great PT school is matched by your dreams of beach bummin’ it, then the University of Miami is for you. It’s not just a great place to get  your degree but it’s  a fun place to be.

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